iorana Shop is a shared creative space, where customers can buy handicraft or small production products directly from the author, leaving in our hands the sales process, advertising and promotion of their pieces and their brand. We defend a collaborative business model, where the creative and artisanal process of each product is valued.

Who are we going to?
To all those creators who want to decide in all aspects of the sale and exhibition of their pieces, without intermediaries that modify the final price or take a commission for each sale.

How do we work?
In iorana we offer the possibility of renting, for blocks of four months, a space for the creator to exhibit his pieces:

The creator decides the sale price of his pieces, so that the sales gains are entirely for him.
The creator has the possibility of leaving more pieces in stock, so that Iorana, after a sale, can fill in the space and thus make the rental of the space profitable.

We offer different types of spaces and rental prices.

iorana makes a small process of selecting the creators and pieces, reserving the right to accept them or not, thus maintaining a quality line that preserves the creators who are already exhibiting with us.