Blanca Torà Micheli is an artisan jeweler who has transformed her work into a life project. Because jewelry is part of who she is and how she understands our world: in an artisan way, quietly and taking care of every detail.

Her jewels are an ode to the Mediterranean: the sea breeze, the orange sunsets in the countryside, the insistent sound of cicadas, the soft aroma of wheat, the growing grass, the herbs under the pines.

She wants to celebrate the natural beauty, without artifice or makeup, serenity, freedom. Leaving aside the rush, fashions, standards. And applaud those people with wrinkles in their eyes and with their hair tousled. Because there is another way of living: without needing that much, letting go of non-essential things and embracing simplicity.


Conceptualization and design of the invitation and the decorative elements of the wedding of Marc and Mireia, a couple in love with the island of Formentera, who got engaged in the shadow of the famous “El Far de La Mola” lighthouse.

The design of all the graphic elements was built on an illustration of this lighthouse, a drawing that was specially commissioned to Clara Cerviño, thus bringing to the wedding of Marc and Mireia a small piece of their beloved island.


Design of the packaging for the capsule product arising from the collaboration between Iorana Lab & Sircus: beautiful turbans at a fair price, carefully designed for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

The design conveys the essence of the turbans: natural fabrics suitable for very sensitive skins and botanical dyes to give a touch of color while avoiding the use of any type of chemical.


“Solsticis” is the calendar that Iorana created to welcome its creators, collaborators and clients to the year 2020.

The design revolves around the solstices and equinoxes of the year, four days surrounded by an aura of mysticism and a touch of magic, which announce the arrival of a change and the start of a new period.


Conceptualization and brand development, as well as logo and packaging design for Slowly, a jewelry brand characterized by the simplicity and elegance of its pieces.

The concept of the brand and the slogan “Slowly with …”, as well as the design of the graphic elements of the brand, revolve around a central idea: the creation of a jewel inspired by a concept. A concept capable of touching and shaking the person who wears the jewel: a feeling, a city, a memory …


Design of the logo and the packaging of Kirat, a handmade jewelery brand run by two sisters: Montse, a painter, and Pepa, a writer.

It is a neutral logo with a great versatility that facilitates the creation of specific graphic elements for each of the brand’s collections, which tend to be very different from each other. All the graphic elements of the brand reflect the bold personality of Kirat’s jewels, often decorated with enamels inspired by the spectrum of colors in Montse’s paintings.


Large and small accessories are created by hand and in small production in our Home – Workshop in Barcelona.

Accessories in different utilities, designed for those occasions where you need to reduce, go lighter and carry just enough.

We choose our materials carefully, fabrics of the world, of high quality, soft and resistant textures, fusion of prints that reflect the warmth with which our pieces are created.

In our creative space we design, cut and make pieces that are mostly unique.

“A touch of Japan & Flowers” characterizes us.


Skin is the largest organ in our body, and just in the same way that we are what we eat, it is essential to become aware of how we treat our skin.

Natural cosmetics doesn’t harm us, nor does they harm our environment. This is the philosophy behind Mon Aroma: taking care of ourselves while preserving the environment and our planet.

Mon Aroma is little Esther’s dream come true. It was born in the garden of her parent’s house, where she used to gather flowers, leaves, water and mud, creating her own magic potions. Years later, these magic potions have turned into creams, serums, soaps… to pamper ourselves with love and respect and to help us discover and cultivate our inner beauty.