Júlia Castro Jewelry is a jewelry brand that is locally and sustainably handmade. Every jewel is inspired by feelings and thoughts about existence, humanity and growing into a more sustainable and respectful life. She works in small scale productions that allow her to love and care about the process of creation of each piece. No molds, no intermediates, no prefabricated elements.

To sum up, Júlia Castro Jewelry is a living brand that looks for creating in an ethical way and exploring all that that makes us humans and reconnects us with the planet we live in.


Illustrator and graphic designer based in Badalona, Barcelona. Since COVID-19 lockdown decides to focus on her illustrations in a professional way and dedicates time to what she likes the most since childhood: drawing and painting stuff.

She is currently working on illustrations and designs for both her own projects and freelance commissions. Sustainability is an important factor and so her prints and original illustrations are made using standard sizes to reduce the surplus paper. Everything is produced in small batches, taking care of every detail.


TEMPLA, balance yourself 

We are a local start up aiming to help our customers to balance their work or home environments through aromatherapy.

At TEMPLA you can find our hand-made soy wax candles. We made them right here, in Barcelona, out of vegan, eco-friendly and biodegradable vegetable wax.

We do also offer essential oil and jojoba blends and essential oil floral water. 

Additionally, we do have some extra hand-made products: our natural smudge sticks and our herbs blends, perfect for cleaning the energy of your room.

Everything TEMPLA makes serves to balance the energy of your home and be your best companion during you relaxation, meditation, yoga or self development moments. 


Blanca Torà Micheli is an artisan jeweler who has transformed her work into a life project. Because jewelry is part of who she is and how she understands our world: in an artisan way, quietly and taking care of every detail.

Her jewels are an ode to the Mediterranean: the sea breeze, the orange sunsets in the countryside, the insistent sound of cicadas, the soft aroma of wheat, the growing grass, the herbs under the pines.

She wants to celebrate the natural beauty, without artifice or makeup, serenity, freedom. Leaving aside the rush, fashions, standards. And applaud those people with wrinkles in their eyes and with their hair tousled. Because there is another way of living: without needing that much, letting go of non-essential things and embracing simplicity.


Large and small accessories are created by hand and in small production in our Home – Workshop in Barcelona.

Accessories in different utilities, designed for those occasions where you need to reduce, go lighter and carry just enough.

We choose our materials carefully, fabrics of the world, of high quality, soft and resistant textures, fusion of prints that reflect the warmth with which our pieces are created.

In our creative space we design, cut and make pieces that are mostly unique.

“A touch of Japan & Flowers” characterizes us.