Biologist and illustrator, Clàudia shows us her passion for the natural environment and seeks to inspire others to reconnect with the planet and the biodiversity that sustains us.

Her work explores nature, often blending science and fantasy, in a delicate and dreamlike way. It also shows her sensitivity to emotional well-being and female empowerment.

Her curiosity leads her to work with different techniques, from water color to digital and even embroidery.

With her illustrations she designs pattern collections, greeting cards and artprints; furthermore, she combines creative work by doing online classes where she teaches artistic techniques.


Pocions de la Jovita is dedicated to ideation, creation and manufacture of aromatic products for the home (candles, air fresheners) and people (natural cosmetics). Also, it offers workshops and trainings related to aromas, cosmetics and natural perfumery.

We believe in the generation of well-being through the creativity of aromas and smell, a sense linked to emotions and memory.

We love to share rigorous and scientific knowledge so that users have quality information. Behind the brand there are Jovita, degree in Biology, PhD in
Neurosciences, creator and formulator of the products, and Jordi, biologist, food science-technologist and cosmetic safety evaluator.


Jess González Textile Design is a brand of handmade accessories.

Each accessory is individually stamped and made in his small workshop, making it a unique piece. The creation process is careful so that the result is an original and quality product.

The materials he uses to make his pieces are from local suppliers and he works every day to carry out a production responsible and sustainable that generates as little waste as possible.


Pucker Bcn is a company committed to the environment that uses disused
materials to create bags and accessories that combine style and

Our products are made with obsolete materials from parachute
manufacturing, taking advantage of the characteristics of its fabric: vibrant
and daring colours, a unique lightness and exceptional resistance.

Pucker combines cutting-edge fashion, versatility and that particular touch
of style that will make you feel comfortable and distinguished at all times,
regardless of the context.


Cristina is the soul of Tinta Ilustrada. From Barcelona, ​​​​and through watercolor, she makes personalized prints and illustrations, designs her own collections and she does commissioned art as a freelance.
Through Tinta, she always seeks for the everyday beauty, the details, the little things to make everyday life friendlier. Surrounded by objects that evoque visual and emotional well-being, that vibrate and generate positive emotions. Nature is the essence of Tinta, floral and botanical motifs are present in most of her products. It is a project with essence, detail-oriented, that seeks the closest beauty, the one that is born from working with the hands and in an artisan way, with time, patience and soul.


Júlia Castro Jewelry is a jewelry brand that is locally and sustainably handmade. Every jewel is inspired by feelings and thoughts about existence, humanity and growing into a more sustainable and respectful life. She works in small scale productions that allow her to love and care about the process of creation of each piece. No molds, no intermediates, no prefabricated elements.

To sum up, Júlia Castro Jewelry is a living brand that looks for creating in an ethical way and exploring all that that makes us humans and reconnects us with the planet we live in.


Illustrator and graphic designer based in Badalona, Barcelona. Since COVID-19 lockdown decides to focus on her illustrations in a professional way and dedicates time to what she likes the most since childhood: drawing and painting stuff.

She is currently working on illustrations and designs for both her own projects and freelance commissions. Sustainability is an important factor and so her prints and original illustrations are made using standard sizes to reduce the surplus paper. Everything is produced in small batches, taking care of every detail.


Blanca Torà Micheli is an artisan jeweler who has transformed her work into a life project. Because jewelry is part of who she is and how she understands our world: in an artisan way, quietly and taking care of every detail.

Her jewels are an ode to the Mediterranean: the sea breeze, the orange sunsets in the countryside, the insistent sound of cicadas, the soft aroma of wheat, the growing grass, the herbs under the pines.

She wants to celebrate the natural beauty, without artifice or makeup, serenity, freedom. Leaving aside the rush, fashions, standards. And applaud those people with wrinkles in their eyes and with their hair tousled. Because there is another way of living: without needing that much, letting go of non-essential things and embracing simplicity.