Aribook is a project that emerged from Ariadna’s hands and her passion for books. After suffering a long illness and seeing how her world got limited to the stories that literature provided, she decided that books deserved to be cared for as what they are, small treasures. That’s how the first Aribook book sleeve was born. A fabric sleeve, padded and with an elastic band closure to hold it together with a olive tree wood button.

These book sleeves are handmade and protect book from daily travelling, when they share space with other things inside a bag, etc. All this protection comes together with the designs and styles that Ariadna meticulously, with passion and care.


Mar Torrano, illustrator, muralist, and ceramist from El Masnou (Maresme). She likes to work with various techniques, ranging from gouache and liquid watercolors, to engraving or digital illustration.

Her most recurring themes are feminism and children’s illustration. She wants to create a magical world full of color, feminism and occasionally social criticism.


Anna is a translator and watercolorist illustrator, who dives with devotion into artistic creation when she has free time.

In love with the sea, her works show her fascination for seascapes, but she is a versatile artist who also works with all kinds of landscapes, botanical and animal illustration, and even other artistic techniques and media.

She enjoys developing her knowledge in watercolor and is constantly looking for resources, studying this medium from the technical side and preparing content, both online and physical, which she shares daily on her social media.


Òxids was born in 2013, and behind it are the Benach sisters, Anna and Marta,
the driving forces behind the project.

This Catalan firm has made oxidized iron its raw material when creating its exclusive decorative design pieces, proudly labeled as ‘made in Barcelona.’ These unique pieces are crafted in their workshop located in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona.

Òxids seamlessly combines large-format design pieces with smaller decorative objects. Through creations inspired by nature and delicate aesthetics, the brand has succeeded in bringing lightness to such a prominent element as iron. The simple forms of their designs and the artisanal oxidation process have also contributed to infusing simplicity and warmth into this noble material.


La voleiada is artisanal stationery, born in a nomadic way on the other side of the ocean and settled in the countryside of the Anoia region (Barcelona).

Based on techniques experimentation, constantly seeking to avoid what is easier to find, and with resource optimization as a premium. This project, created to make it easier for you to travel in your daily life (especially mentally), seeks the fusion between utility, beauty, minimalism, versatility, durability and nature.

From notebooks to music notebooks, calendars, diaries and stamps, always using as many recycled materials as possible, naturally and environmentally friendly.


The Kids Paper Club is a stationery brand born between Menorca and Barcelona with the mission to contribute to improve the emotional health of the children of our society.

Their self-knowledge books made of stone paper, the most sustainable paper that exists, are an opportunity to reflect on the day to day, live the present and learn to appreciate all the good things that surround us. The quality of the stone paper and its properties make these notebooks waterproof, they can get dirty and then cleaned with a damp cloth, they are very resistant and have a very soft touch.

Design and quality stationery for children, with purpose and without participating in any deforestation activity.


Alba Macfarlane is an illustrator, textile designer and artisan born in Barcelona and settled in the south of France.

After graduating in Set Design from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, she worked as a costume and space designer for a variety of dance and theatre shows. She also studied textile printing at the Massana School of Art and in 2020 started to explore her personal language through painting, drawing, embroidery, objects and interior design.


Biologist and illustrator, Clàudia shows us her passion for the natural environment and seeks to inspire others to reconnect with the planet and the biodiversity that sustains us.

Her work explores nature, often blending science and fantasy, in a delicate and dreamlike way. It also shows her sensitivity to emotional well-being and female empowerment.

Her curiosity leads her to work with different techniques, from water color to digital and even embroidery.

With her illustrations she designs pattern collections, greeting cards and artprints; furthermore, she combines creative work by doing online classes where she teaches artistic techniques.


Pocions de la Jovita is dedicated to ideation, creation and manufacture of aromatic products for the home (candles, air fresheners) and people (natural cosmetics). Also, it offers workshops and trainings related to aromas, cosmetics and natural perfumery.

We believe in the generation of well-being through the creativity of aromas and smell, a sense linked to emotions and memory.

We love to share rigorous and scientific knowledge so that users have quality information. Behind the brand there are Jovita, degree in Biology, PhD in
Neurosciences, creator and formulator of the products, and Jordi, biologist, food science-technologist and cosmetic safety evaluator.


Jess González Textile Design is a brand of handmade accessories.

Each accessory is individually stamped and made in his small workshop, making it a unique piece. The creation process is careful so that the result is an original and quality product.

The materials he uses to make his pieces are from local suppliers and he works every day to carry out a production responsible and sustainable that generates as little waste as possible.