Roser, an illustrator living in Olot, enjoys creating drawings full of color and life. Her drawings are a sincere expression of her inner world, reflecting a special sensitivity and a contagious joy.

She creates with humility and dedication, ensuring that each illustration conveys a bit of her essence. She is a simple person who finds in art a way to connect with others, sharing her vibrant and positive vision of the world.


Bob Art Factory is a local brand of fashion accessories.  A handmade and artistic product, for daily and everyday use. A timeless design, genderless and ageless. It is simply for those who fall in love with one of their pieces.

They buy sustainable materials from local suppliers. They manufacture according to the orders they receive. They do not accumulate stock, so that the environmental impact is only that which is necessary. The fabric has an anti-stain finish. If, even so, over time, the piece rubs, it can be washed.

Bob Art Factory’s mission is to design staple wardrobe pieces, that are highly desired and used. They take great care of the details and finishes so that the final product is of high quality and lasts over time, giving it a second and third life. They are very clear that we have to change the way we design and manufacture in order to move forward and build a new consumer economic model that is more balanced and sustainable.


Piupottery is a ceramic brand that evokes nature. Artisan brand that emerged from a love that Irene discovered at the age of 8 in a small workshop in the Sant Andreu neighborhood, Barcelona. The colors and texture are inspired by Mediterranean waters and forests. Discover unique, imperfect pieces with soul.

Light jewelry, home decoration, accessories for unique tableware… this and much more at Piupottery.