Twelve months, twelve artists, twelve illustrations.

The calendars designed by Iorana Lab were created from the collaboration with these illustrators who had space in the store. Every two years we brought together the artists to join forces on a unique and special calendar, where different techniques and styles could be found in one place.

The goal of the calendars was to promote and give visibility to those artists who were working with us at the moment, offering a very exclusive and varied product.

To make this a reality, each artist would provide us with an illustration of their choice and Iorana was responsible for the design and layout of the calendars, as well as of their printing, communication and commercialization. With no cost to the artists, the benefits from the sales were used to cover the expense of the production itself. Thanks to this, the illustrators had another product to offer in the store and a new way for our clients to discover them and their work.

Iorana Lab wants to become a tool to bring the work of our artisans and our clients closer through exclusive products and collaborations.

DECEMBER 2016 & 2018