Botanical dyes and lots of love is what make this collaboration between Iorana Lab and Sircus so different.

Our inspiration walked through our door one day during the month of August. A customer came in asking about Sircus’ headwraps which we had on display. She had just won the battle of cancer, and chemotherapy had caused her to lose her hair, so she was looking for an accessory to match her outfit. And she fell in love. She explained to us how difficult it had been to find beautiful and well-priced headwraps since her sensitive skin couldn’t bear all kinds of fabrics. In that very moment, we knew we had to do something.

Thanks to Marcela, the founder of Sircus, we came across what we were looking for: natural materials and botanical dyes to make the headwraps.

Botanical dyes allowed us to put a splash of colour to the headwraps without having to use any chemicals. Pomegranate, turmeric, lavender, and plenty of other natural ingredients were used to bring bland colours into a whole new realm. Soft colours and natural fabric to create beautiful head wraps for those on a quest to put some colour into their day to day outfits.

Iorana was responsible for the campaign’s design and communication through Instagram and in the store, as well as the packaging. Since the units were limited and exclusive, so was the timeframe of the sale: which was from the 16th of October to the 1st of November. We had the opportunity to sell them during Breast Cancer Awareness Day, and a percentage of each sale was directed to Oncolliga, an association that supports those affected by cancer, through accompaniment, psychological help, at-home support, etc.

These headwraps were a socially committed product that allowed us to raise money for Oncolliga and its fight against cancer. And this is the essence of Iorana Lab: functional, beautiful products with social impact.