Handmade face masks made locally and with quality material that supports community projects.

When we started going out on the streets again after the confinement, we needed to be protected and prepared. So we added fun patterns to face masks in order to make our days shine a little brighter. 

To do this, we joined forces with Tanana Crafts, which is a brand that puts a lot of care into every product, from the materials to the sewing process. Four different sizes, so we could cater to everyone: from 3-year-old children to adults; and six different patterns to choose from. We also offered exclusive patterns, strengthening Iorana’s Lab essence.

Face masks with two cotton layers with an opening between them, with an additional option for a third one which functions as a filter. They adjust to the shape of the face and come with an elastic band for adjustment.

Iorana was in charge of the communication and promotion through Instagram, as well as managing part of the orders that were coming in. Since this time, the sale couldn’t be done in our store. As you know, this kind of product goes in line with the ones we already have at Iorana, and as such, we do not gain any economic benefit from them.

A percentage of the sales were destined to “Banc dels Aliments”, that created an emergency fund for Covid-19 to give support to those families who had food grants, so they could still receive food during the quarantine.

A small gesture to help in this struggle we have all had to face.

APRIL 2020